Haitian American voters call for action: a plea to President Biden

Haitian American voters call for action: a plea to President Biden
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As the leader of the Americas and a beacon for freedom and democracy, President Biden faces a heartfelt plea from the Haitian American community. In a letter addressed to the President, the Haitian American Voters Coalition has expressed deep concern and dissatisfaction with the current situation in Haiti, urging immediate action to address the ongoing crisis in their homeland.

The demands set forth by the coalition are clear and resolute. They call for the removal of the de facto Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, from power in Haiti. Additionally, they implore President Biden and Secretary Blinken to accept and support the resolution adopted by the Ouanaminthe Congress, a pivotal event that took place from January 14, 2024, to January 24, 2024. The resolution, echoing the sentiments of the Ukrainian people, emphasizes the importance of Haitian sovereignty and self-determination.

The Haitian American community, spread across states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, California, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, and Florida, stands united in their call for justice and meaningful change. They express a readiness to take action by withholding their participation in the upcoming Presidential election unless their demands are met. This demonstration of unity and determination underscores the deep-rooted frustrations and sense of neglect that has plagued the Haitian American community for far too long.

The coalition’s message is clear: it is time for their voices to be heard, acknowledged, and acted upon. The consequences of inaction are significant, not only for the upcoming Presidential election but also for candidates further down the ballot who may feel the impact of the Haitian American community’s united stance.

President Biden is urged to heed this call to action, to engage with the demands of the Haitian American community, and to work towards a resolution that upholds the principles of democracy, justice, and self-determination for the people of Haiti. In doing so, the President has an opportunity to demonstrate unwavering support for the Haitian American community and to stand on the right side of history in a crucial moment of need.

In the face of adversity and uncertainty, the Haitian American community looks to President Biden for leadership, support, and a commitment to positive change in Haiti. The time for action is now, and the world watches with hope and expectation as the President considers the heartfelt plea of the Haitian American Voters Coalition.

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