“The CNDDH Delegation Visits Ouanaminthe to Support the Construction of the Massacre River Canal”

“The CNDDH Delegation Visits Ouanaminthe to Support the Construction of the Massacre River Canal”
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The delegation of the National Council of the Diaspora for Democracy in Haiti (CNDDH), led by Reverend Pastor Gérald André, visited the city of Ouanaminthe on Saturday, December 16, 2023. The objective was to support the construction work of the canal on the Massacre River.

Ouanaminthe, December 17, 2023 – The delegation, coming from Washington, first met with the canal management committee to assess the situation and discuss the need to mobilize funds to complete the construction. Reverend Pastor Gérald André pledged to raise awareness about this issue with the US Congress, while encouraging the committee to develop a plan and budget for the requirements.

Next, the delegation visited the canal construction site to observe the progress of the work in more detail. The present workers warmly welcomed the delegation.

Fundraising, progress of the work, and solidarity with Haitian farmers

The head of the mission explained the purpose of this visit in front of the journalists’ cameras, expressing the solidarity of the CNDDH with the farmers in the Northeast. He also called on Dominican President Luis Abinader to recognize the right of Haitians to fairly exploit the shared water resources between the two countries. The president of the CNDDH encouraged the creation of other irrigation channels throughout the country to achieve food sovereignty for the Haitian people.

On the other hand, Pastor André sent a clear message to the Haitian diaspora, asking them to make good use of the funds collected in the name of the canal and to ensure that they are not misappropriated.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the canal management committee, Widline Pierre, expressed her joy about the delegation’s visit. She thanked the Haitian diaspora community on behalf of the population of the Northeast for their support in the construction of the canal on the Massacre River. She also stated that the work was at an advanced stage and would soon be completed.

Despite the measures taken by the Dominican president following the decision of the Haitians to access water in the Massacre River, they have not backed down. “Kanal dignité, Kanal la pap kanpe” are slogans that motivate the workers and all those who support this endeavor for the food sovereignty of the Haitian people.

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